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Januar 30, 2013: ECS will hold a meeting with the representatives of target communities including farmers and LSG bodies. The theme of discussion will be the problems of Regional Business Development.

(Location: ECS office 68 Shirakatsi St, Gyumri)

Business courses

March 20, 2013: A Three day seminar will be held with the theme of �Business Management and Optimization Expenses� for managers of Artik enterprises.

(Location: Artik Community Center office)

March 26, 2013: ECS will hold a training seminar with the theme of �Marketing and Sales Skills� for the workers of local trade enterprises

(Location: ECS office 68 Shirakatsi St, Gyumri)

Course Offerings: Regular and Customized

Beginning in June, 2013: One-day seminars will be offered on Microsoft Office Applications (Word, Excel, Access, Power Point, Outlook) and Microsoft Networks to help perform office tasks more proficiently and easily. ECS will have a variety of scheduled courses at various levels, including new courses in accounting and web development. With sufficient enrollment, ECS will also offer customized courses at a time of convenience for more specialized topics. Let us know your needs.

(Location: ECS office 68 Shirakatsi St, Gyumri)

Web Development Courses

Beginning in August, 2013: The Web Development seminar instruction is focused on how to design and implement a web site. It's possible to develop a site using only a text editor and an image editor. However, this course will allow you to intuitively and quickly build pages and manage them by providing a graphical interface and quick access to frequently used tools. The seminar will also address the needs of those who prefer to work directly with code, showing how to manually edit pages and programming while benefiting from a more automated approach. In short, the web development seminar will make your web development tasks easier and more productive.

(Location: ECS office 68 Shirakatsi St, Gyumri)

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