The Women's Network was founded in 2004 by the initiative of a group of women that lost their jobs due to regional educational restructuring. The activities of the Women's Network are directed towards improvement of issues such women's rights, women's economic status, and the encouragement of a greater and more active role in the society of Shirak province and beyond.

The Women's Network is currently developing multiple initiatives focused on giving women of Shirak province the necessary training and skills for a stronger role in all aspects of society. Recent efforts include the development of administrative and organizational skills for small business, public discussions on relevant issues affecting women's daily lives, debates, and dialog opportunities with regional authorities are all geared towards more active support of women's societal participation.


The Women's Network is engaged not only in advocacy for women rights but the struggle for positive change, impacting society through the improved welfare of women throughout Shirak province.  The Women's Network directs its economic program activities towards advocacy for independent businesswomen, the creation of employment programs for women, questions of new labor laws and regulation, and assistance with home industry development. Some of more important social initiatives of the Women's Network include the struggle for rights of disabled women and improvement of their social status, access to higher education opportunities for women of all ages, and improved health standards. Through awareness campaigns the Women's Network hopes to put an end to violence against women and encourage their participation in elections and the political process.


The activities of the Women's Network: Gyumri branch, are currently managed by the Coordinator of Women's and Youth Matters, a member of ECS Board of Directors. Membership of the Women's Network is open to the public but has several layers of involvement: The founders (7 female community leaders from schools and NGOs) are major participants in all areas. Members also include other regional women's organizations, individuals, and other stakeholders who are interesting in realizing programs directed toward the improvement of women's status in society.

In November, 2005 the Women's Network: Gyumri branch, held a series of trainings and seminars for unemployed women. 44 women were able to participate, gaining knowledge of starting and leading their own businesses. At the present time the Women's Network is focused on strengthening their role in democratic processes by helping women be persistently involved in the dialog between the State, NGOs, and the business sector. These efforts are very important, as the tradition of women's participation in business, social, and political life of the country has not solidified yet in Shirak province. The Women's Network has won respect, support from local organizations, new partners, and  a strong level of interest from the public. From its founding the number of clients has increased up to 48% percent, proving that the women of Shirak province have started to understand their essential role in business, social, and political life. The Women's Network helps them successfully influence local and governmental bodies, as well as public opinion through its initiatives, and will continue to do so into the future.


Contact person: Rima Sargsyan

Address: 2g,Gertsen Str., Gyumri, Armenia, 3108
Tel: +374 93 797501
Tel/fax: +374 312 36671

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